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  • Deb Puretz

where is live from afar?

everywhere. anywhere. away from your emotional home. For me home is where my sons are but they are in split in two different states as they go off to college. So in concert with all those other moms that start a new life when their offspring leave the nest, I too, am embarking on a new journey that I could hardly imagine when I held my children on my lap. I prepared them for independence: did I do as well for myself? This is a uncomfortable for me as high school was. But then i knew i would go to college somewhere. Now, I feel like I am freefalling and I have no idea where I will be 12 months from now: where I will be living, working, or who my new friends will be. 20 years ago I cast a bronze sculpture of figures falling from the earth – they were hung with piano wire. I feel like that now. How did I know that would happen to me? Art surprises us.

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