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  • Deb Puretz

Covid Art 66: 1845 Farmer’s Almanac Front Pages

Because my mother’s life was serrated and nearly destroyed in World War 2, she left very little of her early life behind. One item was her rosary, the other this tiny book about two inches by three inches, her family’s almanac with births and deaths of her family. It must have been very precious to have been hidden, It survived nightly bombings in Aachen and other wartime assaults on life and assets. I pair it with a luscious tomato, painted around 2000, one of my Provence market purchases on top of a fragment of a silicon wafer. This is timely today, as I read online that a childhood friend passed away five years ago and I grieve that I did not see her for eight years before that. I am saddened by my loss, my dear friend Kathy. Grief is timeless: it hurts as much today as if I had learned it immediately in 2015.

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