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  • Deb Puretz

Covid Art 49: Blue Moon

I don’t believe I have another six inch square print like this one. It was made very early when I was experimenting in every which way I could with the rejected wafers and adding a ‘hillside’ image rather than something abstract was not intentional. But yes, the moon seems to be coming up from behind the hill unless you get very close and see that the wafer is embossed on the front of the hill as well. So why did I name it Blue Moon wen it is a back lit turquoise moon? When I moved to Hong Kong in late 1980, the first dinner I remember is going out on a little boat in the harbor and buying shrimp from one other small boat, steamed vegetables from another, noodles at a third – the vendors came and brought dinner to your boat. This was very common all over Asia then, to have vendors row up to your boat and sell you food from their two-person skiff. One lady sold music: she sang for us with a ukelele: Blue Moon. She didn’t speak English, was hard to understand, sang out of tune, had us in stitches, but I remember it 40 years later whereas I don’t remember what we ate. ‘Life is funny that way’.

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