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  • Deb Puretz

Covid Art 44: Anthuriums on leaves

When I decided to do this project, I re-experimented with watercolors, not my forte. My first foray was to paint these leaves. I was surprised that my color palate on this paper closely matched a painting of two anthuriums painted more than a decade ago. As I began to study my own work more closely I realized where ‘the artist’s hand’ was evident. A long time ago I learned that my perspective, no matter how much I tried, always looked slightly down, not up. It shows up in my color selections, also that I can’t cut straight and that most of the time when I cut something out, the scissors veer out at the end of my cut. On my wall, I tack works a little higher on the right side. Now I love these imperfections whereas earlier in life I disdained them.

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